Thursday, June 1, 2017

5 Stages of Grief

We were driving home one night and the song let it go came on and I know how silly it will sound that it resonated with me... my silly husband often sings this song when I am mad and it normally makes me even more frustrated when he sings it, but tonight as it played in the car I had a different feeling! As I listen to the words I thought of our journey and everything we have been through and I realized that it is ok to embrace who you are and let go of the mask we all put on for others... Over the last two months I have been hurt by things out of my control... I have learned people are curl and they love to take stabs at others to make themselves feel better... I often find myself hiding behind a mask after I have been hurt and I am not true to myself, I shutdown and I protect myself by putting on a mask that I am ok... listening to the silly lyrics of a Disney song though I realized I need to let it go and throw away the mask I hide behind when I am hurt... It is ok to show my pain and hurt and it is ok to go through the stages of grief when things happen that are out of our hands... I started coping with things through sewing almost a year ago and it is amazing the therapy it has been for me to wrap others little ones in something I have made with such love and a lot of time tears knowing what I long for and have yet to have! I am so grateful for those who have supported our journey we have been so blessed... I hope each family that has received a Little Helm truly knows the love and emotion behind each stitch... I genuinely plan every stitch out every item from our Bird line has little bird feet stitched around the edges reminding me my little B is walking right beside me loving me as I go through this journey that feels never ending! Every piece from our Ember line is stitched with little mountains around the edges which represents our love for the outdoors and the many fires we have in the summer that reminded me that Em is the last bit of fire burning giving us hope and the strength to keep pushing forward... This journey has been exhausting but so rewarding at the same time... I have stumbled, but each time I come back stronger remembering the greater plan here... I have learned to be at peace during this process that there are things bigger than me and I have the ability to change only what is on me and leave the rest up to my loving Heavenly Father... I have learned it is ok to be in denial, at times I am in denial and I convince myself we are ok not having a family and other times I am denying that anything is wrong and both feelings are ok to express... I have learned it is ok be angry to yell and scream and ask why! It is ok to be mad when I don't agree with the doctor, it is ok to be angry when my body doesn't work the way it is supposed to... I have learned that sometimes I need to feel like I can bargain with my Father in Heaven even if it gets me nowhere it helps me to communicate with him. I feel like I am being heard if I at least get my say in what I want... I have embraced my ugly cry, yes that's a thing! I defiantly used to try to just hold it in and put that mask on to hid the pain now I just let it go.... I honestly needed to let the floodgates open and get all my pent up emotions out! That being said I have learned that it is ok to feel blue and be depressed and have time to hide away and process your emotions. It is even ok to veg out and watch movies all day... But most importantly I have learned acceptance I have learned all these stages are important and are needed, but eventually you have to come to the conclusion to let it go and accept what is to come... Please don't think this is my way of saying we are done because we aren't... We will keep trying and fighting for what we want... I am simply saying it is ok to cycle through the emotions I matter your trial and it is ok to not relax when people tell you oh just relax it will happen because every cycle we need to process what is happening and these stages are the normal way to get through hard things!   I have accepted that we are going to have to pay big bucks for us to have a family, I have accepted that we will have to wait longer than most couples, i have accepted that I may not always agree with my doctors, I have accepted that my body may not always work the way it should, I have accepted that others are going to have a family before me, I have accepted that this is hard, I have accepted people will say things they shouldn't, I have accepted that I can't save every child in a bad situation, and I have accepted I may have to grieve the loss of another child when we get pregnant again... Acceptance doesn't mean it gets easier or better I just means you know that it is how it is and it isn't in your hands to change it! I have also accepted that I am loved more than I can imagine by an amazing husband, an awesome family, and a very loving and forgiving Father in Heaven... I am letting it go and not hiding behind my mask because it is ok to not be perfect! 

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